Governance and Compliance

Statutory, regulatory and system compliance

JRA has a Management Consultancy wing, BlueLotus Strategy Consultants, that handles complete compliance using an inhouse software. The BlueLotus teams employs lawyers, Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants, for research and execution of the compliance module.

Direct taxation

Our direct taxation team has core competency in domestic and cross-border taxation issues, with expertise in interpretation of tax treaties, transfer pricing regulations, etc.

We render specialized taxation services like:

Optimizing tax outgo through restructuring of businesses, by way of family settlements, mergers and reverse mergers, rationalizing cross holdings, shareholding patterns, divestment, etc.

Cross border taxation and structuring investments through efficient interpretation of tax treaties, including remuneration structuring of expatriates, keeping in view domestic tax laws and possible benefits through tax treaties.

Timely and efficient statutory compliance, by ensuring preparation and filing of returns and other documents.

Representing clients before tax Authorities.

Indirect taxation

VAT and Sales tax:

Counsel to companies on VAT and sales tax and cater to all their requirements relating to the said taxes, including registration, filing of returns, assessments, search & seizure issues, appeals and representation before the first appellate authorities and the Tribunal.

We help clients with multi location operations comply with state level VAT laws by providing pan India services. This service is very useful to companies with centralized accounting systems.

We advise companies on issues relating to works contracts, turnkey projects, multi State contracts, high sea sales, sales in transit, etc., which require extensive tax planning right at the stage of negotiation with vendors/ customers, as structuring of the contracts has a major bearing on the tax outgo.

Service tax:

Counsel to companies and other entities on service tax matters, and cater to all their requirements relating to the said taxes, including registration, filing of periodical returns and representation before the authorities.

Service tax is emerging as a major source of revenue to the Government, and being an evolving fiscal legislation, is undergoing frequent and radical amendments. Clients find it difficult to get to terms with the changes, and here we help them to understand and comply with the law.

These Act’s are now being consolidated under the New GST Act.

FEMA & Related Services:

We have expertise in setting up, taking Govt. approvals, reporting, filing with authorities and all related aspects of support. The accounting for such offices, salary structuring, tax supports are part of the bouquet services provided for these clients.