New Business


Any business that has to be started needs to be carefully studied to understand the breakeven point, financing, tax efficiency, legal licensing, etc.

This process starts with asking the very basic questions on “do you need to float a company?” “How should the company be formed?” “Who will be the first Directors?” “how much capital should be infused?” “What is the most tax friendly process”. This process helps the client in understanding the complexities and hence in evolution of a successful business plan.

Business Structuring:

Based on the replies received on our comprehensive questionnaire, we help in designing a business structure so that initial setup cost is low and the setting up time is manageable. The permissions/ licenses to be taken are then “queued” so that the compliance cost is efficiently capitalized. Future partnering with large Corporates is also factored into these plans. The tax treaty adaptability and the best fit in global environment.

The initial contracts, agreements, hiring is also optimized.