Other Services


Any growing organization and specially owner driver organizations need to consider “management of growth”, this includes planning both, manpower and finance, geographical, as well as, products, research, as well as, innovation.

We in JRA perform a special “mentoring role” for our growing clients, where we help them with:

Planning for growth

Managing growth

Managing wealth

Planning for succession

And staying competitive

We are at present offering this as a boutique service to just a limited set of clients.


Our sister company, Convergent Information System Private Limited delivers “Payroll Solutions”.

Other professional areas

We provide data on market survey, research and business trends, short-term and long-term forecasting and pricing. Also, provide a detailed analysis of the market dynamics, major players, distribution strategies, and the expected demand-supply scenarios.

This could also include location studies by evaluating the relative advantage of different Indian states, cities and districts based on well-defined multi perspective geographic, political and economic parameters.